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ROU Co. is a modern, high technology and dynamic Russian enterprise. We are among the Russian leaders specializes in manufacturing electric actuators and pipeline elements, designed for heating systems, chemical and petrochemical enterprises, water-steam pipelines with nominal diameters ranging from 6 to 1400 mm and working pressure of up to 40 MPa and temperature of medium of up to 560° C.

Our products are widely known in Russia and abroad. Wide range of products, strong manufacturing and industrial design capabilities, as well as individual approach to each client allows fulfilling even the most demanding requests.
Wide range of products manufactured by ROU Co. includes:

  • Globe fittings (gate and globe valves, operated with electric actuator or manually (handle or flywheel);
  • Throttle-control devices (throttle, throttle-control, globe throttle and control valves, operated with electric actuator or manually (handle or flywheel);
  • Safety devices (direct acting safety valves, pulse safety valves, the major safety valves);
  • Steam traps;
  • Pipeline elements (steam desuperheaters, noise dumper units and throttle devices, water – steam and jet-stream atomizer nozzles);
  • Transitional and reducing T-joints, concentric transitions on OST for TPS;
  • Pressure-reducing and desuperheating stations and fast-response pressure-reducing and desuperheating stations, desuperheating stations, pressure-reducing stations;
  • Electric actuators for TPP (core type electric actuators designed for regulating and gate valves).

ROU Co. is working on increasing the range of products and always develop new industrial levels. Furthermore, all products could be engineered due to the individual customer’s request: the using materials, the type of using pipeline (attaching OST or ISO).

Every product that is manufactured by ROU Co. has been successfully passed obligatory tests and verifications in accordance with NTD. As the result, the approval documents were given to ROU Co.:

  • The certificates in accordance with technical regulations of Eurasian Economic Community customs union TP TC 00100/20011 «Safety of machines and equipment» and TP TC 0032/20013 «Safety of the equipment, erating under excessive pressure».
  • The Permission of Department of supervision in the sphere of industrial safety (Minsk, Belorussia), which allows to engineer, produce and apply industrial pipeline fittings, steam and hot water line elements, PRDS (FRPRDS, PRS, DS) and steam desuperheaters.
  • Conformance certificate for fittings and pipeline elements («UkrSEPRO», Ukraine).

Quality management system of ROU Co. was assessed and certified by SGS (Switzerland) as fully qualified according to ISO 9001:2008 standard. At the same time ROU Co. is working towards successfully passing the European CE certification in accordance with European directive 97/23/EC «Pressure equipment directive (PED)». Nowadays ROU Co is well equipped with highly skilled engineers (attested by ПБ 10-573-03 «The rules of fixing and using steam and hot water pipelines» and also according to ПБ 03-440-02 «Staff qualification in the field of non-destructive control»).

ROU Co. today – a company of full production cycle, from procurement to test sites with the latest stands, which allow testing of the valve to the nominal diameter of 450 mm and pressures up to 1000 atmospheres.

ROU Co. today is:

  • Four manufacturing complexes with total area of 5 500 sq. m;
  • Total area in use and ownership of ROU Co. is 13 500 sq. m;
  • Total of 380 professionals currently employed at ROU Co., 30 of which are highly skilled engineers of D&E department, some of them have a Doctor degree, ready to succeed in every technological and manufacturing task presented with;
  • 85% of manufacturing equipment – ultramodern, high-tech and fully digitally automated metal-processing lathes and complexes no more than 5 years old, such brands as CHIRON, MONFORTS (Germany), TRENS (Slovakia), GSC «Ivanovsk heavy engineering plant», DMG, PEGAS, HydroLine.
  • Use of high-end and superior quality metal-processing tools from European suppliers (Kennametal Inc., Sandvik AB, Seco, Pramet).
  • Metal casting division equipped with four units: two of them for centrifugal electroslag casting and two induction furnace for precision-investment casting with total steel capacity until 680 tons per year, which allows to produce component blanks of any trademarks of steel.
  • enterprise in which the majority of the component parts are made by precision casting and centrifugal casting ESR, which eliminates welds in the design, and increases the working life of the product;
  • Own certified and accredited non-destructive and destructive testing laboratories with ultra-modern testing equipment and testing facilities allow input control by steeloscope and ultrasonic control and also interoperational inspection, periodic and acceptance testing, which include magnetic particle inspection, hydraulic test of strength and density of the material, tightness of the stuffing and sealing gasket, performance test.
  • centrifugal electroslag casting units with total steel production capacity of up to 70000 tons/year, capable of producing part blanks of any type of steel, which economic and quality characteristics are equal to those of forged pieces.

Our company is cooperating closely with major design institutes, which provides the whole process of getting fittings and stations into service. Products manufactured by ROU Co. are successfully using by energy plants located in Russia, countries of the near-abroad, Eastern Europe and etc.

Our nearest plans are to provide on our own the supply of PRDS, DS, PRS and steam desuperheaters plug-and-produce, from the first step of getting initial information from a customer to setting the products into service.

ROU Co. is your reliable partner in configuring, design, manufacture and delivery of industrial valves and TPS pipeline elements!

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