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Corporate values and strategy

Values and principles are the key elements of society foundation, which determine its culture. They are determine the person’s behavior, attitude towards labor and duty. We also have our corporate valves and principles, which cooperate and help us to do our work well.

Our purpose

Is to create a powerful manufacture and build an efficiently-run international company.

Mihail Drozdov
Chairman of the Management Board of ROU Co.


roy-dir (1)We believe that success of a company depends on the quality of our people. We are pursue a social policy and invest in various social programs. We provide opportunities for our employees to work in comfort working environment, develop their professional skills and social safety.

Evgenii Nagornev
Director General of ROU Co.


Cooperation with our business partners based on respect and openness. We are committed to the principle that confidence is the key element of successful relationship with business community.

Valerii Senkin
Chief Operating Officer of ROU Co.


Modern world is dynamic and develops rapidly. We stay in step with the times and running on developing and introducing new technologies, focused on improving a quality of manufactured products that satisfied our customer’s requirements. Specialists of Design and Engineering department have academic degree and ranks. Their scientific research results are used at manufacture and help to produce goods in accordance with international standards.

Aleksey Krahtinov
Managing Director of ROU Co.


Only a manager with leader skills could build a strong and solid team and set a line of development. Our team have common aims, responsibility and reward for obtaining a success. This is our recipe for manufacturing efficiency.

Aleksey Zhdanov
Chief Manufacturing Officer of ROU Co.


There is a wise saying: «Even if you are on the right track, you will get run over if you just sit there». We share this statement and never satisfied with what has already been achieved and always improve a quality of manufactured products and services, try to make a customer service irreproachable. Innovations and permanent moving – is a driving force of our enterprise.

Sergey Zarutskiy
Deputy Development Director of ROU Co.


We are sure that the only way to find new customers is to settle obligations perfectly towards your customers. Interests of our clients are on the first place. Each client is important for us.

Oleg Filenko
Director of Sales of ROU Co.

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