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Core type electric actuators

Functional area

Core type electric actuators manufactured by ROU Co. series 821, 822, 824, 825, 876 and 1280 are designed to control shut-off and regulating valves in conditions that do not allow the use of built-in electric actuators.

Electric actuators manufactured for domestic (Russian) markets are available in modifications for moderate climate zones (U), atmosphere type P, with placement category 3 under GOST 15150-69 standard.
Electric actuators manufactured for export markets are available in modifications for moderate (U) and tropical (T) climate zones, atmosphere type P, with placement category 3 under GOST 15150-69 standard.
Electric actuators are designed for use in closed space with the following conditions:
• Outside environment temperature, °С – 40
• Air environment – non-explosive
• Elevation – up to 1000 m;
• Relative humidity 80% at 20°С; 50% at 40°С

Setting up

Electric actuator is installed on core (mounting pole) and consists of one stage worm gear, electric motor, manual blocking device, block of limit and position switches, joint coupling shaft.
Electric actuator 821 series is installed on the mounting pole and designed to control the valves of DN 200 mm. Other types of actuators are installed on the cores and used for controlling the valves of DN 32 mm and more. Depending on the position of the valve in reference to electric actuator (up or down position) the joint coupling is installed.

Technical characteristics and operation:

Electric actuator is used for the following operations:
• Local and remote control of the valve from the control room, gate opening and closing of the valve by pressing the “close” and “open” buttons and stopping the
actuator at any moment be pressing the “stop” button;
• Manual control of the valve;
• Automated electric motor shut down when the gate of the valve reaches any of its end positions;
• Automated electric motor shut down when the rotational torque on the valve (electric motor) spindle reaches dangerous values (higher than preset values, adjusted by overcurrent relay). Shut down is possible in any of the end positions, as well as in any position between them;
• Visual warnings;
• Local adjustment of the gate of the valve;
• Remote adjustment of the gate of the valve with the help of sensor inside the actuator and receiver device in the control room;
• Electric motor blocking during manual control mode of the valve-actuator;
In case of manual control of the valve, when rotating the flywheel of the actuator to the right the valve gate closes, to the left – opens. Torque is transferred through roll of worm gear drive.

Manufacturing and supply in accordance with TS 3791-001-71228244-2011.

Parameter list

Product IDApplication in reference to valve typeMaximum rotational torque on the outer shaft of the electric motor; N*mRotation speed, rot/minElectric motor typePower rate, kWН, mmН1, mmВ, mmL, mmD, mmD1, mmWeight, kgModel

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